1..    Check with Consumer Affairs and/or the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against the contractor.
2.     Beware of any contractor who solicits your business by claiming they have leftover material and will perform the service at a reduced charge.
3.    Ask the contractor for the names of suppliers he deals with, and for names of previous customers who live in your area.
4.    Don’t rely on verbal promises, insist on a written contract.
5.    Invoke your right to cancel any contract within the time period allowed by law (usually  three days for door to door solicitation) if you have any concern at all.
6.    Don’t sign any contract unless you understand all the terms.
7.    Don’t advance full payment for the work, and inspect the job carefully before making final payment.
8.   Find out if the firm is licensed, authorized do business in your community and how long  they have been in business.
9.   Get multiple estimates.
10.  The best way to prevent being a victim of a scam  is “do not accept a contract  or work from a person who comes to you.  ” Research the business and make contact with a reputable business yourself.

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