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Question: What should I do with outdated prescriptions. I heard that they shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet because of the possible impact on the environment. I’ve also heard not to throw drugs away because they can end up in the wrong hands. What should I do?

Bring them to the Health Innovations Pharmacy at 295 Pinehurst Ave., Bldg 2, and we will dispose of them for you. We are a drop point for unwanted prescriptions. We will send them to our returns group called MedCycle in Greensboro, where they will be destroyed by incineration. Thank you for your question.

Tim Clark
Registered Pharmacist/Owner
Health Innovations Pharmacy
295 Pinehurst Ave.
Bldg 2
Southern Pines NC 28387

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  1. Sharon says:

    I have a question for Tim. Have you become aware of any users of the anxiety drug Paxil who are returning the generic because it does not work at all?

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