Identity Theft

These days you will hear lots of heavy breathing about the dangers of identity theft for users of the internet. [Read More…]  Read More →

Russell’s Seafood

Russell’s Seafood in Southern Pines offers senior discounts.  Read More →

Your Apple a Day

Apples serve to enhance several kinds of health, including mental health when you need a computer.  Read More →

The Proposed NC Legislation on Puppy Mills

Formally called The Commercial Dog Breeder Regulation bill, the NC Legislature recently voted down a puppy mill bill that many state animal protection groups applauded and the state lawmakers, the NRA, the AKC, and various hunting interests opposed.  Read More →

Words, words, words

Who doesn’t use words? Who doesn’t want to know more of them, more about them, and more ways to use them.  Read More →

Get your coupons from the Internet

As a Google search for internet+coupons will show, the net gives you access to thousands and thousands of printable coupons and codes to use for Internet purchases.  Read More →

Saving money at restaurants and more

Have you checked to see which local grocery stores offer Senior Days for price-breaks on shopping? How about restaurants and fast-food spots in your area? For an overview of vendors and restaurateurs offering senior discounts, take a look at this page of the About site. Give a call to your local establishment and find out what special opportunities are available for seniors. Most fast-food places offer some sort of break as do many restaurants.... [Read More...]

For Whom the Bell Tree Tolls

If you have not yet had a burget at Southern Pines’ Bell Tree on East Broad Street, you have missed a good burger in an area that boasts many good burgers.  Read More →

When your kitchen goes pear-shaped . . .

It’s time for a Gordon Ramsay pick-me-up. How about Beef Wellington for dinner tonight? Almost every written review of Ramsay’s cooking and restaurant shows on BBC America and Fox allude to him as “the foul-mouthed chef.”  Read More →

When you’ve seen one Alzheimer’s affected . . .

The saying among Alzheimer’s caregivers and the affected is that once you have seen one person affected with Alzheimer’s, you have seen one person with Alzheimer’s. [Read More…]  Read More →

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