Dog and Cat Lovers – See Katrina Tails

Katrina Tails playing in Village of PinehurstMaureen Burke Horansky of Animal Advocates of Moore County, Inc. will be showing the movie, KATRINA TAILS at the Village Hall in Pinehurst on Sunday November 15 between 2pm and 4pm. This movie will NOT be shown in theatres! This color production is a must see if you love animals or have a companion animal pet. There were many mistakes made during Katrina and we need to learn what is necessary to save our pets during a disaster. It is very doubtful that Moore County will have a flood. How many of you remember the 100 year snowfall that trapped residents in their homes? Elderly people and their pets could not be reached since emergency vehicles did not have four-wheel-drive and could not reach them. What if we had a major fire with all the pine straw and pine trees? Pinehurst in the 1800’s experienced many fires. Do you know where to go during a fire? And will you leave your dog or cat behind?
Thanks to the Village Council and Andy Wilkerson there will be no charge for this community service. Please come one come all. Many people have signed up already and the Assembly Hall has room for many more. Call Maureen at 910-295-7587 to register for this important event. If you truly love your animals you cannot miss this. Ask friends and neighbors.

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