Farmer’s Roasted Soynuts

“A healthy snack for a healthy life!”™

Farmers Roasted Soynuts, Inc. sees the process from the seed to the bag. Every soybean that goes into a bag of Farmers Roasted Soynuts is grown and harvested directly from our farm. This ensures quality from beginning to end. They are then cleaned and roasted without oil to help lower the reduction of beneficial properties within the soybean itself.

We are a family owned company. We oversee our product from the seed to the finished product. We purchase all seed locally and grow them on our own farm. We then dry roast the beans to strict standards, to produce our final product, flavored soynuts.

232 Holder Rd. • Sanford, NC 27332 • (919) 499-0408 • (877) 210-8460

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