Identity Theft

These days you will hear lots of heavy breathing about the dangers of identity theft for users of the internet.

If you are unsure of what such theft involves, check out this overview from the U.S. Department of Justice. To obtain additional information on phishing and other identity theft matters, start at this page of the FTC site. You can also file an FTC complaint at this site.

As any watcher of television will know, there are several companies who promise to protect you from identity theft. A comparison of several programs such as Debix and LifeLock can be found here as the NextAdvisor site, a consumer comparison site.

For an oversight and omnibus identify theft resource, go here to visit the non-profit identify theft resource center.

Considering purchasing commercial insurance against identity theft? For an unenthusiastic look at such a move, consult this issue of Forbes. And just google identity theft insurance to find a variety of companies offering to take care of any woes that may come down your path.

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