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    “Beauty is truth, truth beauty.  That is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know.”  That quote from “Ode On A Grecian Urn” by John Keats got me a perfect 4.0 in college literature.  How you ask?  My teacher loved that quote and promised 100% on each and every test for anyone remembering not only the quote, but those who remember to write it on the test paper with no reminder.

    Growing up in a world with FAR too much negativity, I try to find the positive.  But, I believe the above quote also helped nurture the planted seed to always be on the lookout for splashes of joy through moments of beauty. 

    I have added two more of my photos today.  I wager hundreds have walked by one of these and never even noticed it.  I walked by once, saw it and lost my breath.  It’s beautiful, but in a simplistic way – just an old wagon wheel tossed down on the ground.

    The other is a dead camellia that fell of in an icy snow.  I saw it and again had my breath taken away by it’s stark beauty.  Using PhotoShop, I “painted” it.

    There is beauty all around us.  It’s everywhere!  My days are full of splashes of joy through moments of beauty.  You, too, can find beauty and capture it!  Grab your camera and head out the door.  Always look for beauty.  Happy snapping!

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