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     I had a great laugh this week.  A new acquaintance asked me if I ever take bad shots.  I couldn’t help it; I had to laugh.  Of course I do!!  Some are out of focus.  Some catch my eye at the moment but when I download, I wonder what I was thinking when I took the shot.  Sometimes, I just discover things going on that I did not notice when I was focused on one part of the picture.  Delete is my friend!

    Perhaps the only difference with me is that I take LOTS of photos, download, sort and delete.  Some things can be “reparied” or “improved” in Photoshop.  Some can not.  Some of my favorites that have been just slightly out of focus, I will add the “paint look” to and have a great photo.

    The same lady asked me the very question I addressed last week: how do you know a good shot when you see one?  You don’t always.  That is why I will shoot first and delete later.  She asked me for an example.  I told her she needed to come walk at the Southern Pines Reservoir with me sometime.  I will leave the Reservoir with 200-300 shots.  I will keep maybe 40-50.  And every time I go, I see something new.  But isn’t life like that?  Every day is different, we meet and greet different people, we go to different places and we think different thoughts.

    I have shared five photos today that I took on three different days – all at the Reservoir.  The biggest key to successful photography is keeping your eyes (and ears) open and then take the shot!!  Especially in this digital age.  You spend absolutely NO money unless  you print the photos.  So shoot away and create splashes of joy by capturing moments of beauty that will last forever!

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