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    Okay, I admit it!  I unabashedly, unapologetically, and unashamedly have Spring Fever!  Don’t care that tomorrow’s forecast has snow in it – again!  I am ready for Spring!!  So you might guess that this week’s photos and topic are outside photography.

    If I can never shoot another indoor photo, my feelings would not be hurt.  I love shooting photos outside in natural light.  Even on cloudy rainy days, I prefer being outdoors.  You are never supposed to take a photo looking towards the sun, but I do.  I’ve even posted some of those photos on here.  Sometimes, those shots come with the best shadows or diamonds playing on the surface of water. 

    Even night shots outside can be great.  They are harder to get, but how else can I get a shot of the full moon?  Or shots of snow falling at night?  I just don’t care for flash aided shots. 

    Today I am sharing some photos of camellias from my yard and some shots of the full moon last night.  Some of the camellias bear evidence of frost bite but it does not detract from their beauty.  The shots of the moon were through trees still bare of leaves and one through the pines.  Being born and raised here, I have pine tar running in my veins, I think.  Love my pines!  Therefore, I love shots of the moon through the pine trees.

    How do I get the night shots?  I turn my flash off or look for a setting (such as landscape) that is getting enough light directly from the moon for the camera to focus on.  Some of them work, some of them don’t.  Night shots cause the shutter speed to slow down, so I have to be careful about moving before the shutter closes.  Obviously the shots are not as clear as they would be in daylight, but that is the point, is it not?

    I find so many splashes of joy every day all around that it’s hard to narrow down to a few subjects.  So PLEASE, if you have questions, ask them!  If you have suggestions, share them!  If you have comments, make them!  If you would like more infor on any of the photos or would like to inquire about a copy, let me know!  Until next week, keep looking for those splashes of joy by capturing moments of beauty that will last forever!

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