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What camera do I need?  I had already written this when a gentleman approached me after a class at Sandhills and asked this very question.  I could not help it; I laughed!  And I told him just what I had already written here….What do you plan to photograph?  What are the pictures for?  Do you own a computer?  Do you want video capabilities?  How much do you plan to spend?

    Let’s start with how much you plan to spend.  You can spend from a few dollards for a throw-away up to thousands for professional grade cameras.  What are you planning to photograph?  If this is a one time event, go with a throw-away!

    If you are taking pictures tro share with others – family shots, for example – digital makes far more sense than 35mm film cameras.  In fact, I really can’t think of any circumstances that would prompt me to recommend film cameras snymore…  Even if you don’t own a computer, most stores that develop film now have kiosks that will download from a memory card to a disk.

    If you want to take pictures but think you might want to have a video at some point, many digital cameras can now be used as a camcorder.  However, the quality may not be as good as with a true video camera and it will eat your batteries up!  Both of my cameras have video

capability and I have used that option exactly once…under duress.  :)

    Cameras are now capable of doing most of the work for you.  Some prefer manual focus and far more control over shutter speed, light, etc.  ALL of these must be taken into account PRIOR to purchasing a camera.  Ask for assistance: from friends, online, photographers, sales clerks.  Most people, you will find, are happy to help and need only to be asked.  For specific questions or comments, please contact me @ outsidethebox@embarqmail.com.  Until next week, keep creating splashes of joy by capturing moments of beauty that will last forever!

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