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This past week, I decided I needed some close-up shots.  Even though I don’t own a macro lens, I do quite nicely with my 18-55mm and 55-250mm lenses.  I dare say that no one could tell which of the photos shown were taken with which lens or that they weren’t taken with a macro lens.  And, it’s not like I needed an excuse to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather, either!

Actually, I believe that all of these photos were taken with the telephoto lense.  I get as close to the subject as I possibly can and still get the proper focus.  Even with the goose I was close enough to reach out and feed it with a bread crumb.  I love to look at beauty from afar, but it can be truly breath taking up close.  I saw a plaque once that said something to the effect that we shouldn’t count life by the number of breaths we take but by the moments we have our breath-taking moments!  I believe that.

These photos were taken at all times during the day, so some of them have noticeable shadows.  I know some who photoshop those out, but I like the reality they give the shot.  I think it adds to the depth as well.  And, after all, is real life not filled with moments of sunlight and shadow? 

This week, I am truly letting my camera do the talking.  Hope the photos are enjoyable to all!  As always, please feel to contact me at outsidethebox@

embarqmail.com with questions, comments or suggestions.  As usual, I am creating splashes of joy by capturing moments of beauty that will last forever!

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