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I don’t know if I am normal or not, but I always try to encourage anyone to take up photography.  I am always willing to offer tips, advice and even to go out with cameras in hand for practice.  I have a friend who just bought a new camera and was complaining that there is nothing to shoot!  That stumped me because I am NEVER at a loss for something to aim my camera at.  I may delete 99% of what I shoot, but I always jump at an opportunity to find the “perfect shot”.  I mentioned to her that I could walk out my back door, circle my house and have at least 100 shots by the time I got back to the door.  So she set off to take some shots….many of which were excellent!  Sometimes, many times, we just need a nudge to get moving.

Many people ask me why I use a camera and not a camcorder.  Well, camcorders are great if you like watching videos.  I’m not particularly fond of videos.  But, I love looking at photos.  I had the opportunity to accept a commercial shoot on Topsail last week.  Of course, I made sure I had plenty of time to shoot for myself, too.  In three days, I had almost 1,000 shots!  Need I say that I am easily entertained, especially when I am behind my camera?

What do I shoot?  Anything and everything and edit later!  You never know what you will capture so just keep shooting!  One day, I was just sitting on the beach looking for interesting people to walk by and noticed a bunch of seagulls “surfing” on some waves.  So I pointed at them and just waited.  This was the day a front had just passed and there were some incredible waves now and then.  In a few minutes, one of those waves came up and just before it broke over the seagulls, they took off.  I captured that and included it today.  With a video, that is one of those things that just might not stand out.  But I got it!!

I included one of a youngster probably on his first beach trip picking up shells.  I painted it (in Photoshop) to see what it would look like.  I included that today as well.  So, for you grandparents out there, keep watching your grandkids and aiming your cameras as them.  You never know what you might end up with.  And in this digital age, what you don’t like, just delete!!

If you have a camera and you still aren’t sure how to use it or what to shoot, just contact me at outsidethebox@embarqmail.com with your questions, comments or suggestions.  Always willing to help another photographer!  Until next week, I’ll be creating splashes of joy by capturing moments of beauty that last forever!  :)

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  1. Sandhills Seniors says:

    Vicki, we love reading your entries and viewing your beautiful photography!

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