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    Life is like a box of chocolates, to quote a great philosopher.  You never know exactly what you will get until you open the box.  Photography is much like that.  Many times, when my eyes find a good shot, I find something different or extra in the photo when I download it.

    That is why I am so passionate about photography.  Not only are we surrounded by beauty, but there are so many surprises contained within it that we find only when we open ourselves up to it.  And photos not only capture beauty, they also capture entertaining moments as well.  With Photoshop, photos can even be made to look like paintings!  With photography and imagination, possibilities are limitless!

    ANYONE can take photos.  While some may do a better job than others, a camera enables all to make a visible memory of special moments, places, things, people. etc.

    To backtrack a bit, allow me to tell you a little abou me and how I came to photography.  I am easily entertained which is my way of saying I have a short attention span.  My life has taken many different routes: U.S. Navy, banking, telemarketing (yikes!), children’s ministry, publisher for a children’s publication, writer… but always, I have looked at the world with the eyes of a five year old with a camera!  Working in the Photo Sales Department of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, I not only had one of the best jobs ever, but discovered that I was destined to see the rest of my life through a camera lense!

    I will be updating here weekly and would love to invite you to join in the adventure that I call living.  Please feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions, comments, or whatever by emailing to:  outsidethebox@embarqmail.com.  Until next time, keep looking for those splashes of joy that come only from finding moments of beauty!

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