Southern Pines – Douglas Center Senior Activities Jan-Feb 2010

SPECIAL EVENTS (all special events are $2r/$4nr) Midwinter Beach Party (January 5) The perfect way to get rid of winter blahs when you can’t visit a tropical paradise is with a Midwinter Beach Party. We will set out blankets and beach towels on one side of the room and decorate the floor with brightly colored paper. We will have beach balls, inner tubes and sand buckets. We will have a beach picnic with pineapple, Goldfish crackers, Sun Chips,... [Read More...]

Caregiver Education Forum

Caregiver Education Forum: Overcoming Obstacles will be held on November 12, 2009 at Our Saviour Lutheran Church in Southern Pines, NC. This all-day conference will offer information on a variety of topics related to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Keynote speakers include Dr. Sangeeta Varanasi and Tommy Hays – Author of The Pleasure Was Mine. For more information, contact Margaret Moody at the Alzheimer’s Association Western... [Read More...]

Learn more about Parkinson’s Disease with Dr. Nina Browner

Learn more about Parkinson’s Disease with Dr. Nina Browner: Diagnosis, Treatment and Patient Management This presentation is designed to help professionals become familiar with the diagnosis and treatment options for Parkinson’s Disease and to learn patient management strategies for moderate to advanced stages of Parkinson’s disease. DR. NINA BROWNER IS A CLINICAL DIRECTOR AT THE MOVEMENT DISORDER CENTER AT THE UNC DEPARTMENT OF... [Read More...]

Words, words, words

Who doesn’t use words? Who doesn’t want to know more of them, more about them, and more ways to use them.  Read More →

Learn with Computer Helpers

If you live in the Pinehurst/Southern Pines area, get the one on one help you need with the experienced and friendly Computer Helpers from ConnectNC.  For more information, call 910-695-0815. [Read More…]  Read More →