Farmer’s Roasted Soynuts

“A healthy snack for a healthy life!”™ Farmers Roasted Soynuts, Inc. sees the process from the seed to the bag. Every soybean that goes into a bag of Farmers Roasted Soynuts is grown and harvested directly from our farm. This ensures quality from beginning to end. They are then cleaned and roasted without oil to help lower the reduction of beneficial properties within the soybean itself. We are a family owned company. We oversee our product... [Read More...]

Trader Joe’s is worth the trip

Trader Joe’s is sort of new to North Carolina, so it might not be a name you’re familiar with.  TJ is a unique grocery store chain. Trader Joe's Cary Location Each store stocks a variety of organic produce and other items, including meats. If you’re looking for high quality without the high prices, you can find it at Trader Joe’s. After hearing my California friends brag about what a great store this was, I was glad to... [Read More...]

The Fresh Market for lunch?

If you’re in a hurry to find something tasty for lunch, try stopping in at the Fresh Market in Southern Pines.  They offer a variety of foods for carry out. The staff prepares wonderful paninis and tasty salads of many types.  [Read More…]  Read More →

For Whom the Bell Tree Tolls

If you have not yet had a burget at Southern Pines’ Bell Tree on East Broad Street, you have missed a good burger in an area that boasts many good burgers.  Read More →

When your kitchen goes pear-shaped . . .

It’s time for a Gordon Ramsay pick-me-up. How about Beef Wellington for dinner tonight? Almost every written review of Ramsay’s cooking and restaurant shows on BBC America and Fox allude to him as “the foul-mouthed chef.”  Read More →