1..    Check with Consumer Affairs and/or the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against the contractor. 2.     Beware of any contractor who solicits your business by claiming they have leftover material and will perform the service at a reduced charge. 3.    Ask the contractor for the names of suppliers he deals with, and for names of previous customers who live in your area. 4.    Don’t rely on verbal... [Read More...]

Haiti Relief Scams

Despite an economic downturn, Americans gave over $300 billion in 2008. According to the Giving USA Foundation™, charitable giving was still more than 2 percent of 2008’s GDP. We’re a nation of givers. We see a need, and we want to help. In fact, Americans gave, per capita, three and a half times as much to causes and charities as the next most generous European nation, France. Sometimes our desire to help is taken advantage of by unscrupulous... [Read More...]

Moore County Sheriff’s Department shares home security tips

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Bill Sahadi talks with Sgts Cameron and Shingleton about home security.

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Tips to Help Seniors Reduce Home Fire Danger and Live More Independently at Home

BOCA RATON, Fla., Jan. 13 /PRNewswire/ — According to the U.S. Fire Administration, people over the age of 65 have a home fire death rate nearly twice the national average. For those over 75, that risk nearly triples. These statistics are alarming, especially when researchers estimate that by the year 2030, there will be more than 70 million senior Americans. In Canada, the Office of the Ontario Fire Marshall reports that seniors over the age... [Read More...]

Governor Says Offenders Will Not Be Turned Loose

Statement from the Governor Regarding Prisoner Release Governor Says Offenders Will Not Be Turned Loose When I learned that the Supreme Court had issued a ruling that meant offenders serving life in prison would be released after a mere 35 years, I was appalled. Like most of my fellow North Carolinians, I believe life should mean life, and even if a life sentence is defined as 80 years, getting out after only 35 is simply unacceptable. Since that... [Read More...]

Dog and Cat Lovers – See Katrina Tails

Maureen Burke Horansky of Animal Advocates of Moore County, Inc. will be showing the movie, KATRINA TAILS at the Village Hall in Pinehurst on Sunday November 15 between 2pm and 4pm. This movie will NOT be shown in theatres! This color production is a must see if you love animals or have a companion animal pet. There were many mistakes made during Katrina and we need to learn what is necessary to save our pets during a disaster. It is very doubtful... [Read More...]

Identity Theft

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Car Safety Tips

Southern Pines Police Department • Keep your car doors locked while driving and when the vehicle is parked, even while it is parked in your driveway. • Always check the back seat before entering the vehicle. [Read More…]  Read More →