North Carolina’s Smoke-Free Restaurants and Bars Law

North Carolina’s Smoke-Free Restaurants and Bars Law goes into effect on January 2, 2010. Restaurant and bar patrons won’t be allowed to light up in enclosed places, starting on the 2nd of January.  The law also applies to enclosed areas of most hotels and motels.  The law requires affected businesses to have signs posted.  If you have any question about where you may or may not smoke in any North Carolina business, check with the management. ... [Read More...]

National Health Care Debate

Where are you these days on the debate over health care? Do you believe the government should have a hand in providing health care? Negotiating with the insurance companies over their policies? How serious a problem do you believe we have, and what solutions do you see out there? Share your ideas.  Read More →

Governor Says Offenders Will Not Be Turned Loose

Statement from the Governor Regarding Prisoner Release Governor Says Offenders Will Not Be Turned Loose When I learned that the Supreme Court had issued a ruling that meant offenders serving life in prison would be released after a mere 35 years, I was appalled. Like most of my fellow North Carolinians, I believe life should mean life, and even if a life sentence is defined as 80 years, getting out after only 35 is simply unacceptable. Since that... [Read More...]

The Proposed NC Legislation on Puppy Mills

Formally called The Commercial Dog Breeder Regulation bill, the NC Legislature recently voted down a puppy mill bill that many state animal protection groups applauded and the state lawmakers, the NRA, the AKC, and various hunting interests opposed.  Read More →