Does Your Investments Match Your Risk Tolerance?

Now is a good time to examine what’s in your portfolio. Provided by Roy Neal The stock market is unsettled … and perhaps its fluctuations are unsettling you. It’s a stressful time for the economy and Wall Street, and you may be concerned about your portfolio given what’s going on with oil prices, the real estate market, and rising unemployment figures. It may be a good time to review how your assets are invested. Is your portfolio balanced?... [Read More...]

Getting the most value for your home

The single most important component of getting the most value for your home is a three pronged proposition. Price it right with a prelisting appraisal ; keeping the asking price ahead of the market curve. Insure that the working condition of the home is in tip top shape and make the commitment to turning your home into a house, so that the buyer can visualize their things, and not yours, as they preview the sellers property. If all three of these... [Read More...]

Eight Tips For Planning Your Retirement

A few simple steps to help you get started on the right foot. Presented by Roy Neal Planning financially for retirement may feel overwhelming. For some, that feeling is what keeps them from really focusing on and implementing a plan. If you haven’t started planning for your retirement – do yourself a favor and make TODAY the day you begin. 1. The earlier the better. Time is definitely one of your greatest allies. A person who begins contributing... [Read More...]

The New Living Benefits In Variable Annuities

These popular investments now have even more to offer. by Roy Neal GMIBs. GMWBs. GMABs. GLWBs. What do these acronyms mean? If you own a variable annuity or think you might want to own one, they stand for a new class of living benefits that make these investments even more attractive. Variable annuities are tax-deferred investments structured to pay you benefits over a set number of years, and a death benefit to your beneficiaries. They let you invest... [Read More...]

Asset Allocation In “Stormy Weather”

Diversification has the potential to help portfolios in rough times. Provided by Roy Neal In any stock market climate, proper asset allocation matters. In a down market, you could argue that it matters more than anything else. Did you have a well-diversified portfolio during the fall of 2008? That was a time when the importance of having a bond allocation and proper equity diversification really hit home. Nearly all investors were hit hard, but some... [Read More...]

27 Things You Should Know About the 2011 Tax Laws

Provided by Roy Neal 2011 is here and there is much to report. Congress has restored the estate tax, cut the payroll tax and retained and/or restored a variety of tax breaks. Here’s a look at some recent developments in federal tax law – not just the changes for 2011-2012, but also the decisions (some quite recent) that may impact your 2010 return. This is by no means a tax planning guide, just an update on what has changed and what hasn’t. Before... [Read More...]

Retirement & Estate Planning Services, Inc

Retirement & Estate Planning Services, Inc. specializes in working with individuals and businesses in planning and achieving their financial goals. Founder and President Roy Neal has been in the financial planning business for over 29 years and currently teaches financial planning seminars. What are your goals and dreams? At our firm, we work for you – analyzing your needs and wants, formulating a financial strategy that is both attainable... [Read More...]

Clement Capital Group

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Discounts and Coupons

Across the Sandhills there are many businesses that offer discounts to seniors (over age 65). Please check back often for this growing list. If you know of a discount you would like to share that is not on this list please tell us by clicking here and let the establishment know you recommended them to be on too! Thank you. TUESDAY 10% at Ross THURSDAY 5% at Harris Teeter [catlist id=84]  Read More →

Retirement – Improve your financial position

Before 2009 ends, some things you might want to consider. Presented by Roy Neal Content provided by Peter Montoya, Inc. Fall is the time to consider some year-end financial moves – little and not-so-little things you might do to plan to improve your financial position. You could put more in your 401(k) before they play “Auld Lang Syne”. As you only get one chance to save for retirement and an annual deadline to make retirement plan contributions,... [Read More...]

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