Does Your Investments Match Your Risk Tolerance?

Now is a good time to examine what’s in your portfolio. Provided by Roy Neal The stock market is unsettled … and perhaps its fluctuations are unsettling you. It’s a stressful time for the economy and Wall Street, and you may be concerned about your portfolio given what’s going on with oil prices, the real estate market, and rising unemployment figures. It may be a good time to review how your assets are invested. Is your portfolio balanced?... [Read More...]

Eight Tips For Planning Your Retirement

A few simple steps to help you get started on the right foot. Presented by Roy Neal Planning financially for retirement may feel overwhelming. For some, that feeling is what keeps them from really focusing on and implementing a plan. If you haven’t started planning for your retirement – do yourself a favor and make TODAY the day you begin. 1. The earlier the better. Time is definitely one of your greatest allies. A person who begins contributing... [Read More...]

2009 Tax Breaks – Retirement and Estate Planning Services

Don’t forget these 2009 tax breaks! Plan to exploit them before they expire. Presented by Roy Neal Content provided by Peter Montoya, Inc. The year goes by, you get busy … and tax-saving opportunities slip away. So as a reminder, this article is here to reacquaint you with some of the notable federal tax breaks offered this year. The first-time homebuyer credit. This is the up-to-$8,000 credit available in 2009 to anyone who hasn’t owned... [Read More...]

Get your coupons from the Internet

As a Google search for internet+coupons will show, the net gives you access to thousands and thousands of printable coupons and codes to use for Internet purchases.  Read More →

Saving money at restaurants and more

Have you checked to see which local grocery stores offer Senior Days for price-breaks on shopping? How about restaurants and fast-food spots in your area? For an overview of vendors and restaurateurs offering senior discounts, take a look at this page of the About site. Give a call to your local establishment and find out what special opportunities are available for seniors. Most fast-food places offer some sort of break as do many restaurants.... [Read More...]