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Moore County NC Retirement & Estate PlanningRetirement & Estate Planning Services, Inc. specializes in working with individuals and businesses in planning and achieving their financial goals. Founder and President Roy Neal has been in the financial planning business for over 29 years and currently teaches financial planning seminars.

What are your goals and dreams? At our firm, we work for you – analyzing your needs and wants, formulating a financial strategy that is both attainable and comfortable.  Knowledge and working together we can help you use your resources to help create a brighter financial future.

Why do you need a lifetime financial guide? Today’s financial markets are becoming increasingly more complicated.  Selecting the investment options that are best for you from the thousands of options can be overwhelming without professional guidance. Can you separate emotion from objectivity when you are making decisions about your money?

Do you have the time, training or temperament to plan and manage your own investments successfully? Few individuals or businesses can afford costly mistakes, such as not planning for the impact of inflation or taxes on investments.

Working with a financial professional can make a difference. We take a proactive style of management, not a passive.  In January you wear heavier clothes, the 4th of July you wear something lighter.  Because the weather changed you changed, because the markets change you need to change with them.

Please call us at the office 295-7088 if I can be assistance to you or someone you know.

Securities and Advisory Services offered through Private Client Services LLC, 2225 Lexington Rd, Louisville, KY  40206 Ph 502-451-0600.  Member FINRA, SIPC and Registered Investment Adviser.  Private Client Services LLC and Retirement and Estate Planning Services are unaffiliated entities

Please visit our website at

Phone: 910-295-7088
Mobile: 910-585-0115
Fax: 910-295-7388

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