Site seeing on the Internet . . .

Do you find it as difficult to imagine life without the Internet as I do?

For seniors, the net has supplied us with access to so many basic resources that it is hard to remember when we trolled to the library or hung on the telephone for long minutes waiting for an assist.

Let’s consider some basic kinds of resources that are useful to those of us over 50.

For starters, how about the U.S. Social Security link for getting a new card, checking benefits, and obtaining other info. Then when SS is settled, check out Benefits Checkup to make certain you are getting all the benefits to which you are entitled.

If you are a joiner and like lobbying organizations, go here to visit the AARP site or here for the Alliance for Retired Americans.

How about checking out a Senior Law site if you are a caregiver or have an issue dealing with elder law?

And for health and medicines, get information on a variety of health conditions at the senior health section of the U.S. National Institutes of Health. For similar information from other perspectives, take a look at the Mayo Clinic site and Medicine Net. For user suggested health resources from dmoz, the open health network, go here.

And to check how all those drugs interact, check out The Drug Interaction Checker.

And for fun, take a look at Senior Travel Sites, and if you are single and looking, check out Senior Dating Sites.

Finally, want to know what the U.S. Congress is doing with legislation? Visit Thomas, the section of the Library of Congress site that tracks Congressional movement on pending legislation.

Have a fave site for seniors? Send it on to us so we can post it or leave a comment and a link!

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