Tony Grizanti

Hi, I’m Tony Grizanti. I am certified by NSPA (National Strength Professionals Association) and have been training now for over 9 years. I have extensive experience with different ages, demographics, levels of skill and fitness goals. Whether you are the hard-core athlete, the weekend warrior or the person just looking to get in shape and feel better about your fitness level, I can help design and implement a program to meet your specific needs

Tony GrizantiTen years ago I was in bad shape so I decided to join a gym and get myself a Personal Trainer. I had the good fortune to meet a gifted and talented trainer who helped me define my goals, work efficiently and improve my performance. That experience inspired me to learn all that I could about keeping fit. Previously I had owned and operated a restaurant in Niagara Falls New York. That experience combined with my ability to work with people of all ages encouraged me to go on to get my certification in Personal Training.

At 72 years old I still believe in enjoying life, reaching for the stars, dreaming BIG, training hard and living the best and healthiest life I can.

It’s all about choices and everyone has the choice to live a healthy and prosperous life. It only takes DETERMINATION, DESIRE AND DEDICATION. I know it’s not easy but I believe owning your own health is worth it.

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