When your kitchen goes pear-shaped . . .

It’s time for a Gordon Ramsay pick-me-up.

How about Beef Wellington for dinner tonight?

Almost every written review of Ramsay’s cooking and restaurant shows on BBC America and Fox allude to him as “the foul-mouthed chef.”
Fiddle. What these folks miss is that his vocabulary is used in the interest of training people to either cook or run successful restaurants, a job he does with a degree of sensitivity and generosity that is nowhere suggested in the standard opening gambit of reviewers.

Check out a bit about Ramsay’s life and career and you will find a fellow who has worked his way up from a near-disastrous beginning to one of today’s top international chefs.
Click your remote to BBC America and enjoy some galvanizing re-runs of chef Gordon Ramsay in two of his best programs: The F Word and Kitchen Nightmares or Hell’s Kitchen on Fox.

Whenever did a master chef and teacher have so much fun working?

Want to see which part of the Ramsay personality you are? Take the test here at the BBC site.

Want to try some of Ramsay’s recipes? You can find them here.

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